Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Reviewers Position

So I was reading an interesting story the other day. It was from a magazine I read all the time and was about how a reviewer can ruin a beer with a single bad review. How they don't take into consideration the hard work involved. I haven't been doing this long (drinking beer yes posting my opinion about them no), and part of AJ Brew Reviews goal was to offer two peoples tastes as a guide for others. 

Everyone has a different pallet of taste. Same as with movies everyone has a different style of movie they like.  Beer should be treated no differently. If two popular movie critics  said some movie was bad, that may stop me from seeing it in a theater but it wouldn't stop me from seeing it all together. Beer should be the same way.

If we say a beer is horrible (we don't really use that wording) that shouldn't mean don't try it. What it means is that A or J said hey our palette is not enjoying this beer maybe you should try a smaller sample than commit to a full glass as you sit. The great thing about the Craft industry is they are pretty much setup this way. I have never been to a Tap House that wouldn't give you an ounce or so taste of every beer on tap.

It's almost like they want you to find the beer you like, the one your going to enjoy, the one that makes your taste buds sing.

That is truly our goal and that is why both of us post our own opinion about the beer. Some people are going to align more with A's pallet and other more with J's. Honestly there are few beers we agree fully on but many we both like.

To me the article was almost saying that we are hurting the breweries feelings and I just don't believe it. I was sitting at a Tap House the other day and the brewer said we put some pretty crappy beers out just to get rid of them some times, everyone in the back hated it, then we find ourselves making more because  we ran out so quickly. We had one brewer tell us he had a request to make a beer again and he had to tell the guy there was no way he could duplicate all the mistakes that happened to make that beer again.

The bottom line is we are not out to tear down a brewer or brewery we would like to think we are helping them just a little bit. I know for a fact we've converted a couple people from always drinking Bud Light or Coors to have an occasion a craft beer.  I've even describe beers as a great starter or Bud Light converter.

A&J's goal is to enjoy a good beer and let you know what we think. We just want a reason to go out more and drink even more beer.


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