Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Top rated beers by AJBrew

It's still 2015 and while A and J will continue drinking beers until that last day, we've composed the (it could change slightly) best of 2015 list. We've compiled the list and below are our top rated beers for 2015. Listing only our 5 cap and 4.75 cap beers for this year. A will go first because well he's A..

A's 5 star beers for 2015

Are Wheat There Yet? By: Brew Bus Brewing

I know, that's it? What the hell, hard ass.....

A's 4.75 beers. You all earned 5 stars for even making this high in J's opinion.....

Florida Cracker By: Cigar City Brewing
Fat Tire By: New Belgium Brewing Company
The Kalm  By: Big Storm Brewing Co.
Wavemaker By: Big Storm Brewing Co.
Thomas Beck By: Confluence Brewing Company
Skinny Dip By: New Belgium Brewing Company
EdDie Pale Ale By: 7venth Sun
Oats In Hose By: Big Storm Brewing Co.
Sculpin IPA By: Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits

Now it's J's turn:

J's 5 star beers for 2015 in no particular order

Bitteschlappe Brown Ale By: Excelsior Brewing Company
Strike By: Silverking Brewing Company
Pointer Brown Ale By: Court Avenue Brewing Company
Bimini Twist IPA By: 3 Daughters Brewing
Thomas Beck Black IPA By: Confluence Brewing Company

J's 4.75 come on he's a bit of a hard ass when giving out the 5's ha ha ha A only gave out 1...

Graffiti Orange Wheat By: 7venth Sun
Mothra Versus Citra By: Bloom Brew
Ozona Rush By: Stilt House Brewery
Ruthie By: Exile Brewing Company
Influence De La Floride By: Escape Brewing Company
Graffiti Orange Wheat By: 7venth Sun

So in our opinion 2015 was a great year for beer. I can only hope 2016 will be as good and maybe we can add a couple more 5's to A's list. Good luck brewers!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Leave Santa a Beer!

Dear Kido's,

I know Christmas is right here, I mean it is only a few days away. Your house is decorated in the finest LED lights your old man could find. Your mother has made plans for the family to come over. Hopefully the two of them have snuck out and had a nice evening without you little brats, I mean adorable children. Point is the entire family has been busting their butts to get everything ready for you. You are the stars of the show. The whole holiday is focused on kids.
You're forgetting about one thing. The fat man, the man in the red suit, the guy who's been busting his butt with hundreds of little elves and Mrs. Claus breathing down his neck to get that gift to you on time. He's been working the last 364 days, slave driving the elves into a workshop groove that rival's the workshops in China.
What do you do for him? You only think about the guy in November when that elf shows his/her face around Thanksgiving. Yeah mom or dad may have threatened you in July but you were all like, I have 5 months to make up for that.
Bottom line is your going to give Santa a sugared up cookie, some milk, and those reindeer a piece of celery or a carrot. Have you ever busted your butt and then drank milk? The answer is no! If you had you wouldn't think of leaving that curdling cup of stomach ach. Sugar cookies? Come on that's a temporary high followed by a crash and bed rest for two days with the number he needs to eat in one night. No wonder he takes a bite and leave the crumbs, really he's throwing it out the window of the sled hoping some squirrel eats it before you see it.
What the man wants is what your daddy wants. It's that simple, an ice cold beer (maybe Mrs Claus in a nice teddy too, skip that part kids). If you really want to get on the fat man's good side leave him a growler full of that local nectar. It will allow him to relax, you'll certainly end up on the nice list. If it's a good red or brown you might even end up with a free pass for the next year! Reindeer if they're anything like horses they'll love it too.
No worries Santa isn't drinking enough to get drunk. He would never drink and sleigh. You'll be the only kid in the block doing it anyways. He might even steal the growler and bring some up to convince Mrs Claus to wear that other thing we talked about. You'll be THE kid, the one he remembers, so don't chump out next year, he'll be looking forward to your house!!!

Merry Christmas from AJ Brew.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Beer for Christmas!!

Well it is the holiday season folks. Have you noticed all the people running around to buy gifts for everyone? No? Well that's because you don't care. Not in the mean way of not caring, you know, in the way that says you've got this down. Besides your four year old nephew you know what you're getting everyone on your list. Yep that's right, Beer. How thoughtful!

Not just any beer though, that will not do!

I've been compiling a list of the best beers I've had in the last few months and have a suggestion for each person on your list.

Grandma - Yeah that's right Grandma is a beer drinker, shes old school and loves the seasons. You know because she was an up North baby and cant stand not to have fall. So for here I would recommend a nice dark beer Like the Royal Roots by Confluence Brewing Company or an Oats In Hose Oatmeal Stout by
Big Storm Brewing Co.

Grandpa - Grandpa well you can't get him to change, it's just the way he is. Crank and crotchety, but where not going to get a a Pabst or Bud Light were going to sneak in a little Blond like the Strike by Silverking Brewing Company or one of the Venture Series Belgian Golden Ale's by Madhouse Brewing Company.

Mom - mom love you no matter what, I mean shes your mom, so really no matter what beer you bring her over shes going to say "Thanks, I love you honey". That is not going to dissuade you, you're getting you lovely mother a nice Influence De La Floride by Escape Brewing Company or because you're so sweet a Cream Ale like the Clearwater Honey Cream by Pair O' Dice Brewing.

Dad - always there to have your back, well at least to tell you where you messed up. You know deep down he is a softy. So for you sweetheart of a dad, ha I can't keep this up. For you awesome but I told you so dad were going to shock his taste buds with the Cubano-Style Espresso Brown Ale by Cigar City Brewing. Dad's not a coffee, how did he get all that hair on his chest then? Fine for the slightly lighter shock get him some beer with a great name Moose Drool Brown Ale by Big Sky Brewing Company.

Brother - Oh you know him, the cocky one. I can do anything you can do better. God you love him though, just don't let him know. For him we're going to hit the IPA's. You know he'll like them (and if he doesn't that's just more for you to drink my friend). So since you're buying for you him lets start with a Fixie by Cycle Brewing Company then finish your taste bud twist with a Bimini Twist IPA by 3 Daughters Brewing.

Sister -  Don't think we would leave her out. She may not be an avid beer drinker but hey we can through in a few that even sister would love. Lets start with a Gluten Free (yeah I know but it's a thing) Pale Ale by Omission Beer. If shes not one of those yuppie trend setters then well give he an easy Fruit Beer (Grapefruit) by St. Peter’s Brewery Co.

These are just a few of our suggestions and by no means is a full list. But remember Family and friends are awesome! They are what the holidays are all about, if you get them beer great but the most precious gift you can ever give is you time, love and attention.

Merry Christmas and Happy whatever fantastic holiday you celebrate!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How dare you use a Pint Glass!

How dare you! Got your attention for a few seconds now? I've been reading a bit about glasses beers "should" be served in and the poor common shaker glass, the glass every American knows, is being kicked to the curb. I mean it was bound to happen. In my journey through the beer world, still a young-in to many, I've noticed something when using a shaker glass; it doesn't smell right.

So what, you're not there to smell beer!   Yes I am, I (you) need those odorants to complete the true flavor of the drink. With the introduction to the craft world I noticed first that beers often smell better than they taste. Now that my flavor profile has evolved to enjoy many more beers one of the flavors I enjoy most is the smell. So to get back to the glass issue. Try a little experiment. Take a shaped glass, any glass like a wine glass with the nice curved in rim and a common shaker. fill them both with the exact same beer. 
Look at the beer, chances are your shaker glass looks a little more clouded (thicker glass) where the wine glass will have a crisper look, colors a little brighter. Obviously don't use a super dark beer for this test, it will be harder to tell. Now smell the beer, which one smells better? This is really pronounced when using an IPA as the floral smells come out even more. Now taste the beers, first the shaker, inhale through your nose as you taste, now the wine glass... Which one was better? Your saying their the exact same beer, now give it to your friend, pose it as two different beers. which do they pick?

Most of the time the wine glass will be picked. The other thing I'm liking more is the shaped glasses, some have a bump at the base of the glass or Samuel Adams etches a line in the base. This causes the carbonation to cluster and rise from there, releasing it quicker than if it was in a standard shaker glass. More air being released the more smell into your nose as you drink. I know I sound crazy but give it a try. I didn't believe it either but it seems science wins out again and when you mix that science with a little bit of glass art beer drinking becomes an experience. 

You probably can't have a glass for each type of beer in your fridge but hey I'm getting myself a good stemless snifter for my all propose glass, and it will easily double as a large wine glass. 

Here are a couple sites that attempt to pair up glasses with types of beer. 
Real Beer (I like theirs the best, it's a picture...)