Saturday, December 24, 2016

Santa needs a Dunkel!

It's that time of year again folks.  The big day, the day you decide to make the right life choice.  The day you teach your children right.  Bake those cookies, frost them nice and even add some extra sprinkles right there on top.  Use that colored sugar goo to frost a hat on frosty that's as black as coal and a little orange for the carrot nose.  Whatever you do, don't blow it this year with the fat man.  Leave him a beer.  Don't be cheap and leave him a PBR, save those for the family you have to put up with tomorrow.  Leave Santa something special,  your favorite IPA, a seasonal choice from those local harry guys down the street or my pick for the year a nice growler full of some flavorful dunkel.  Santa will appreciate it,  the reindeer do the driving anyways.  Maybe Mrs. clause will leave you something special, in a stocking, for reducing some of Santa's stress before he gets home.  Who knows the benifits of your choice, maybe Santa will take you off the naughty list for next year, maybe Mrs. Clause will put you on it... No matter what Santa will have a better night and you'll end it with a smile.

Merry Christmas,

AJ Brew

Monday, October 17, 2016

It's October --Pumpkin!!!

Well welcome to October, yeah yeah half way into October but you've been here with me the whole time so you know what time of year it is. Pumpkin time. Pumpkin spice in everything, coffee, tea, water and even beer. Do you love it, do you hate it? It doesn't really matter which way you feel about it you're bound to have at least one pumpkin beer this month.

A& J have tried a bunch recently to help save you from the horrors of trying them yourself.

Gourds Gone Wild
Tampa Bay Brewing Company

J: 2.75   A: 2.75
Baked Pumpkin Ale
Lancaster Brewing Company

J: 3.0
Seasonal Sneak
Cigar City Brewing

J: 3.0
Fox Brewing Company

J: 3.0
Jack-O Traveler Pumpkin Shandy
Traveler Beer Co.

J: 2.5
UFO Pumpkin (2016)
Harpoon Brewery

A: 4.0
Southern Tier Brewing Company

A: 4.5
Oak Aged Oktoberfest
Big Storm Brewing Co.

J: 4.0   A: 4.0
Harvest Patch Shandy
Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company

A: 2.75
Samuel Adams OctoberFest
Boston Beer Company

A: 4.0
Sweet Potato Casserole
Funky Buddha Brewery

J: 4.25

I hope this short list saves your palette just slightly. Enjoy the season.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Six Ten Brewing First Impressions

Well A and J are off tasting as many beers as our livers will allow, or our wives which ever tell us to stop first. While we were out and about this last weekend preparing for the big event of the 4th of July we went to a nice little spot in Tampa called Six Ten Brewing.

The location was nice, a small number of tables and nice size bar. They appears to have a nice crowd there most of the time at least during the Saturday night rush in which we went to visit for.

Here are our reviews for the different Beers we tried, I truly think we would both suggest this place as a nice little joint to stop.

I'm declaring the Vanilla Porter the winner of the trip. Nice smooth and still remember the lovely vanilla smell so many days later..

Six Ten Brewing
IPA - American
A'S RATING (4.25)

6.8% ABV

Six Ten Brewing
IPA - Imperial / Double


Vanilla Porter
Six Ten Brewing
Porter - American
A'S RATING (4.75)

5.9% ABV 38 IBU

Poco Loco
Six Ten Brewing
Pale Ale - Belgian
J'S RATING (3.25)


Six Ten Brewing
Blonde Ale
J'S RATING (3.25)
A'S RATING (4.0)


Monk's Milk
Six Ten Brewing
Blonde Ale - Belgian Blonde / Golden
J'S RATING (3.5)

5.2% ABV No IBU

Six Ten Brewing
Berliner Weisse
J'S RATING (3.25)
A'S RATING (3.5)

3.5% ABV No IBU

Six Ten Brewing
Pale Ale - American
A'S RATING (4.25)

5.5% ABV No IBU 

Friday, March 11, 2016

YouTube videos are go

So like we started below in singe other post we've started paying YouTube videos. Well we may pretty much suck at it today but in a year we might just get dang good. Don't you want to be one if the first to subscribe? Rhetorical question, we know you do. So enjoy the pre perfection entertainment now, one day well be charging for this stuff...

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Days without beer

The days between beers, oh what long days those can be. Been super busy running around with family and having a generally good time. I noticed something missing, the new beer experience. Found myself looking for something new to try and nothing could be found. Well nothing without driving away from the family fun and since I'm the only one who drinks the beer it wouldn't really be a good time had by all. This needs to be remedied folks, why even today local restaurant's don't have local brews or even why chain names don't bring in the community brews blows my mind. Yeah sure Bud sells the most but one barrel of a local alternative a month might slow that down a bit.

Have one person from your location who likes beer go out to a local tap house and find the closest thing to Bud Light they can. Bring it in and give it one tap, that's all I'm asking. If it goes well then fantastic, if it sits there and spoils no one was told you have a local on tap. That's really what it is, I hate going to a place and saying what beers do you have on draft. I know you have Bud, Bud Light maybe Miller, I want to know the oddballs. I want to hear "Well we have a local lager by XYZ down the street and Bud, Bud Light...."

Damn how that would change the world. Get out of this same old garbage routine, people want to try new things if they don't then they're missing the spice of life.

Enjoy the spice of life drink local brews...


Sunday, January 10, 2016

The video barrier

AJBrew has just broken into the video world. Honestly this is how we planned on starting this thing but we got distracted by delicious beer. Now that we've had so much delicious beer we figure it is time to show our faces, those handsome (ha) faces.So anyway our New Years resolution (one we hope not to fail at) is post at least one video a week, may be short may be long but we will be using Periscope and\or Snachat so follow us at both those places. As usual AJBrewReview will be the way to find us. Here are the links for your enjoyment. Let us know what you think, good, bad or otherwise. On everything but the Snaps we will make sure to do them in landscape because that horizontal video thing we hate it too.

AJBrew You Tube Channel


Side Trip New Belgium - Quick Review