Saturday, December 24, 2016

Santa needs a Dunkel!

It's that time of year again folks.  The big day, the day you decide to make the right life choice.  The day you teach your children right.  Bake those cookies, frost them nice and even add some extra sprinkles right there on top.  Use that colored sugar goo to frost a hat on frosty that's as black as coal and a little orange for the carrot nose.  Whatever you do, don't blow it this year with the fat man.  Leave him a beer.  Don't be cheap and leave him a PBR, save those for the family you have to put up with tomorrow.  Leave Santa something special,  your favorite IPA, a seasonal choice from those local harry guys down the street or my pick for the year a nice growler full of some flavorful dunkel.  Santa will appreciate it,  the reindeer do the driving anyways.  Maybe Mrs. clause will leave you something special, in a stocking, for reducing some of Santa's stress before he gets home.  Who knows the benifits of your choice, maybe Santa will take you off the naughty list for next year, maybe Mrs. Clause will put you on it... No matter what Santa will have a better night and you'll end it with a smile.

Merry Christmas,

AJ Brew

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