Monday, January 20, 2020

Brewing brews

It was a crazy 2019 family and work wise. It has been hard to prioritize the posts, obviously, by the lack of posts in 2019. Things are still a bit out of wack but dont think for a second we haven't been drinking. Average Joe's always drink something. As you should have seen using Instagram,  Twitter or Facebook. While not as thoughtful have been continuing.  We started home brewing a little bit this last year with K, another Average Joe that has big plans of making beer and making  a crap load of money. You know all those brewery owner millionaires.  But hey why not, where there is a speckle of light there is opportunity.  So lets take this journey.  Step one find some great recipe's and and improve upon them until they become our own. Identify the flavor, the texture and the base.  Let's  see where it takes us and follow a path that maybe hasnt been travelled before. The connecting roads are endless.

Well post some of the antics and journey as we travel it.


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