Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Do you miss Beer?

So as far as I can tell I'm not an alcoholic. With that said I find myself missing beer. I don't mean missing it like I need to have it, I mean when I go out to a restaurant or sit at a bar there's nothing there that I want to drink. Sure there's Budweiser (check my Untappd profile to see how often I drink that) and now one craft beer or so called big name craft beer. But what I really want is the local tap house at my bar. Two or three different locals, real locals from a few miles away.

I've been visiting several places lately and since I travel I have to hit a place with food every now and then (otherwise I'd be revisiting the alcoholic statement). When I see the label local I ask, obviously, from where. They often say some place hundreds of miles away from the location I'm at.
There's 6 places within 10 miles, why won't the owners go and get a barrel? Try it out, support your local area, local jobs. These are the people visiting your restaurants and bars. Give them something to be proud about, right? Pimp your local employers, instead of saying local say from <entry your city name>. I have no doubt your local breweries would sell you the barrel, crap some might give you one to try out. Take a chance, the big breweries know it's a good path, they keep buying them up! #drinklocal #reallocal!

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