Thursday, October 5, 2017

The landing in Denver

Wow budget plane's! Hey it got us here to Denver in luxury and style. The 1230 am landing as uneventful as you can hope one to be. Let's check for an Uber, hey Uber pool is about an hour wait, we are at the cabbie spot let's ask them, wow twenty bucks more let's check Lyft. @Lyft you win in Denver tonight only minutes away, cheaper than the cabbies and faster than @Uber. Our drive begins to the @Marriott downtown. It's dark so there isn't much to see a bit of construction ohh what's that in the distance? A shinny city on the hill? Breweries! Seeing them from the road even at 1am makes you want to stop. It's almost time. We will see you soon my friends. 

So we get to the lovely Residence Inn @Marriott check into our room. We go up and snag a single queen bed. I love A like a brother but am not a fan of sleeping in a tiny bed with him. Well we call down the the front desk, all rooms sold out but hey our room has a sofa-bed. So we don't have to cuddle. Hopefully the only not so great hiccup in this trip. 

So we're on our way out the door, where too? Well a brewery. We have a few shirts with us a couple guys medium and a ladies large and XL. If you're the first to tell us you want it, you can have it. Our gift to you. See you with a beer in hand! 

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